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Wyoming and District Soccer Club Constitution

NOTE: Adopted November 1, 2014

Article I.   Club Name

The name of this organization shall be the Wyoming & District Soccer Club, hereinafter
referred to as WDSC.

Article II.   The Objects

The WDSC shall have the following objectives:

  • To govern, foster and promote the game of soccer through recreational boys’ and girls’ soccer programs, games and leagues for Wyoming and the surrounding area.
  • Arranging matches, competition and tournaments, as well as establishing and granting prizes, awards and distinctions.
  • Developing and providing equipment and amenities, which include establishing fully equipped and serviced soccer facilities;
  • Promoting interest and participation in the sport of soccer for our youth.
  • Teaching fair play, sportsmanship and skill to players, coaches and referees, fostering goodwill amongst all members of our organization.
  • And such other complementary purpose not inconsistent with these objects.

Article III.   Affiliation

The WDSC shall be a member of Ontario Soccer and shall follow the published rules and guidelines of the OSA.  WDSC is subject to the published rules in declining order of authority of the following governing organizations:

  1. The Canadian Soccer Association (C.S.A.)
  2. Ontario Soccer
  3. The Lambton-Kent Soccer Association (L.K.S.A.)


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Article IV.    Membership

The membership of the WDSC shall be open to all residents of the Town of Plympton-Wyoming and surrounding areas that are interested in supporting the activities of the club.

Members are:

  1. All parents or legal guardians of players currently registered with WDSC.
  2. Players, coaches, conveners and referees registered with the club.
  3. Members of the Executive Board of Directors for the current year.
  4. Others whom in the opinion of the Board of Directors are currently making a major contribution to the club in time, effort, or financial commitment.

The Executive/ Club reserves the right to revoke or suspend the membership of any member who fails to adhere to the rules of the club or who fails to adhere to the basic tenants of good conduct and sportsmanship.


Article V.   Governance 

The management and administration of the WDSC shall be vested in the Executive Committee (hereinafter known as the Executive), with full authority to act as they see fit within the scope of the Constitution and By-Laws.  To operate effectively and efficiently, the executive shall comprise of a minimum of 9 individuals and no more than 15.

The Executive shall consist of the following elected/ appointed two-year term positions:


The Executive shall also consist of the following elected/ appointed one-year term positions:

Media Director
Sponsorship Director
Facilities Director
Equipment Director
Referee Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator

Directors at large as determined by the current executive in office


  • The Executive shall include the Past President only if one exists.
  • Executive members shall be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  • An executive member may hold more than one position
  • All executive shall remain in office until his/her successor is elected or appointed.


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Article VI.   Election and Appointments

When practical, to allow for changes in the executive, a reasonable transition and to ensure that the continued operation of the club is not greatly impacted, the position of President and Treasurer shall be elected/ appointed on even years.  The position of Vice-President, Secretary and Registrar shall be elected/ appointed on odd years.

All elections and appointments shall be made known to the members at the annual general meeting or issued in the annual general report.

All members of the club may hold a position on the executive and may request for their name to be brought forward to hold office.

If no names from the general membership are brought forward for election/ appointment, it is the sole obligation of the current executive to elect, appoint, select or otherwise form the new executive.

Article VII.   Vacancies

The office of a member of the Executive shall be vacated:

  • Upon resignation in writing.
  • If one becomes of unsound mind or otherwise incapable of performing the duties of the position held.
  • If convicted of a criminal offence.
  • If found guilty of conduct detrimental to WDSC.
  • If absent from two consecutive meetings of the Executive without satisfactory reason.

The Executive may, as deemed necessary, combine or split duties and responsibilities of the Executive, and appoint persons to fill these positions as circumstances dictate. Should a vacancy occur on the Executive, said Executive entitled to vote may elect a successor to fill all position(s) held by the removed Executive for the remainder of his/her term being filled.


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Article VIII.   Duties of the Executive

All Executive members are expected to attend regular and special meetings as scheduled by the President.  If an executive member will be absent from a meeting, he/she may appoint a proxy within the current Executive.  This proxy would then have an additional vote at the meeting.  All executive with responsibility for other persons or sub-committees are expected to chair their own committee meetings, and report their decisions or recommendations to the Executive for approval.


The President shall:

    1. As provided for in Dispute Resolution Policy of the OSA and
    2. Where the President delegates the responsibility to another person.
  • Preside at all general meetings of the Membership and the Executive.
  • Be the Chief Executive Officer of WDSC, and shall execute the business and operations of the Executive.
  • Report at each meeting of the Executive on all current activities of the club and shall truly answer any questions asked by a member concerning the affairs of the WDSC.
  • Through the Treasurer, keep all money and assets of the WDSC and report on the same at each meeting of the Executive.
  • Delegate authority to any and all officers, executives, coaches and managers as is appropriate to their offices and as hereinafter set out. 
  • Have a deciding vote in the event of a tied vote at Executive and Membership meetings.
  • Call regular meetings as deemed necessary or when requested by a minimum of 3 Executive members. 
  • Shall be ex-officio a member of all committees and sub-committees. 
  • Be a signing officer. 
  • Be the liaison among the coaches, the conveners, the Executive and the Membership.
  • Attempt to see every WDSC team in his/her group play at least once per season.
  • Attempt to attend all WDSC events and be available to the general membership. 
Vice President
  • The role of the VP is to support the President in ensuring that all areas of the executive operate in a timely fashion on their activities.  The role is not to do the activity, but ensuring that the various directors and officers complete the tasks on or prior to the set deadlines established by the executive.
  • Be a signing officer
  • Assume the responsibilities of the President when absent
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the President to ensure a successful soccer season

Responsible to assist President with the following areas of the executive structure;     

      • Finance
      • Registration
      • Volunteers
      • Sponsorship
      • Media
      • Facilities
      • Equipment
      • Convenor’s
      • Referee’s
  • Sign contracts, insurance, banking, etc.
  • Issue Thank-you cards as required.
  • Set a schedule for age division (already established from previous years, may need minor changes).
  • Assist Equipment Director as required in getting equipment to the coach’s night location, and be present to hand out equipment and meet all coaches.
  • Take calls from coaches needing additional equipment throughout the year and contact Equipment Director to arrange for the equipment.
  • Be present during league games to handle any questions that may arise from the coaches, ensure referees are present, and call games based on club weather policy if needed.
  • Contact the host for Coaches Clinic
  • Request gift card from Treasurer for host of Coaches Clinic

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  • Attend all meetings and provide a financial update to the executive.
  • Maintain detailed record of all payments, invoices and receipts for club account.
  • Issue an electronic copy of the detailed records to the President on a monthly basis for review (as required)
  • Make all bank deposits as necessary.
  • Issue payments for equipment, rentals, etc.
  • Cash all volunteer and uniform cheques as required at year end.
  • Pay invoices for ads, etc as required
  • Attend all meetings and record minutes.
  • Type and distribute the minutes to all executive
  • Maintain a record book of all minutes, club rules, guidelines, constitution and general newsletters.
  • Issue general club correspondence to all families via e-mail
  • Requires a data base/ e-mail program be set-up for parents, coaches and executive.
  • Send out notice of meetings and agenda as required to all executive, if not done by the President.
  • Download OSA current registration form and waiver and amend Wyoming DSC to suit requirements
  • Order triplicate registration forms
  • Print off single copy of waiver form
  • Book locations for meetings and registration.
  • Get volunteers to run the registration days as set by the executive
  • Give training to volunteers as needed to ensure registration goes well
  • Ensure all players, coaches and executive are registered with OSA via their online registration process, prior to start of soccer season.
  • Print reports from online registration to ensure upload was successful and registration process completed.  If needed validate with LKSA Registrar that our registration went through properly.
  • Call Petrolia Topic, Forest Standard, Watford Guide Advocate and the Sarnia Observer with registration dates/times and place ad.
  • Post flyers at area post offices, Town of Plympton-Wyoming office, other local businesses, and the Town web-site.
  • Post on local bulletin boards (Debbie’s Hair Care, Schools, etc)
  • Responsible to ensure that all garbage in trashcans gets removed and placed in locked dumpster after each league night.
  • Assist VP and President in team selection before Coaches Clinic
  • Book meeting location for Coaches Clinic
  • Be the Volunteer contact for Coaches Clinic

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Media Director/ Web-site Manager:

  • Website updates
Sponsorship Director:
  • Contact previous sponsors for renewed sponsorship
  • Contact Tim Horton’s
  • Collect sponsorship funds and turn over to Treasurer
  • Purchase new uniforms as agreed by executive.
  • Advise VP regarding sponsorships for teams schedules and advise if sponsor has any special requests for the uniforms.
Facilities Director:
    Be the main contact for volunteers for field setup and field tear down
    • Arrange for field layouts to be completed and all fields prepared prior to league start.
    • Issue field layout drawing to Media Director to post on web-site
    • Renew field painting/ lining agreement
    • Verify weekly that grass contractor is maintaining fields and advise VP Facilities if we need to contact the Wyoming Fair Board to ensure it gets completed, or needed more frequently.
    • Ensure line painting is maintained and call for re-painting as required.
    • Ensure that nets are maintained and netting is in place each week
    • Wyoming Fair Board Contact (fields and garbage).
    • Ensure we maintain fields and keep garbage bins emptied and trash put into dumpster provided by Fair Board.
    • Ensure all nets removed at end of season and stored as required

Equipment Director:


  • Verify condition of last years uniforms and ensure we have enough for all teams, all age groups.
  • Provide VP with list of new uniforms that are required.
  • Ensure that we have enough soccer balls, ball bags, corner posts, practice cones, whistles, first aid kits, etc for all teams.
  • Put together team bins per age division and keep inventory of what was provided to each coach.
  • Arrange to have bins and equipment delivered to coach’s night for hand out of equipment.
  • Arrange to collect all uniforms and team bins at season end and return to storage unit verifying inventory.
  • Arrange for uniform cleaning at yearend.
  • Contact during the year for coaches/ convenors that may need additional equipment.
  • Book yearly team and player photography for pictures and re-takes.
  • Purchase medals, engraving and other club awards.
  • Purchase juices for season end events
  • Purchase new equipment as agreed by executive.
  • Review missing uniform list at yearend and provide Treasurer a list of names to have cheques cashed.
  • Provide Treasurer invoices for juices from season end events.
  • Provide Treasurer invoices for equipment purchases.
  • Provide Treasurer invoices for photos and medals.
  • Prepare convenor and coaches binders of rules, schedule, team lists and contact information and provide when issuing equipment.
  • Prepare pictures and medals for all teams in age division and deliver to coaches.
  • Order and deliver food for Coaches Clinic
  • Provide Treasurer with the invoice for the food from Coaches Clinic

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Referee Coordinator:

  • Recruit and appoint certified referees for all games.
  • Maintain list of referee’s and their schedules.
  • Provide list of referee’s per game to convenor’s and coaches before season starts.
  • Co-ordinate referee clinics as required.
  • Arrange for payments through the Treasurer every month of the season.
Volunteer Coordinator:
  • Attend all registrations and help parent’s sign up for the various volunteer jobs.
  • Ensure an email is issued to everyone who has signed up for volunteer jobs at registration.
  • Maintain a list of all jobs that need volunteer help.
  • Assign parent volunteers to activities after registration for those who call in later, and issue a schedule to the executive so everyone knows who is to be helping do tasks.
  • Keep record of those who do complete their tasks so that their volunteer cheque can be destroyed at end of season.  Provide Treasurer a list of names not completing the volunteer activity at yearend.
  • Co-ordinate phone calls to remind people of their volunteer duties/ activities. (Use a few volunteers to complete the many calls)
  • Wyoming Fair Board Contact (volunteers).
  • Review list of non-volunteers at yearend and provide Treasurer a list of names to have cheques cashed.
  • Send thank you email to volunteers when duties are complete.
  • Email Treasurer to shred cheque when volunteer duties are complete.
Past President/Director(s): 
The Past President/Director(s) shall: 
  • Assume the duties of the President in the event that both the President and Vice-President are absent. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the President. 

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Article IX.   Meetings:

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM of the WDSC shall be held no later than December 1st of the current soccer year, the date of which is to be set by the Executive no later than September 1st, and shall be held at a suitable location. Each member of the WDSC shall receive at least 15 days notice of the date, time and location of any Annual General Meeting, such notification shall be by regular mail, email, website notice, Post Office or any available signs.

The Executive have the sole discretion to issue an Annual General Report (AGR) in lieu of an AGM, provided that an AGM is held as a minimum every Two years, and the AGR receives majority approval from the Executive vote.  The AGR shall contain all the information as per the normal AGM agenda, and make provision for anyone who wishes to join the executive to submit there name.  AGR must clearly indicate that if any member has an issue that they can contact the club President.  The AGR is to be used in cases where the Executive are remaining in tact and have received the majority approval of the membership in the previous elections/ appointments at the previous AGM.


Special General Meetings

Special General Meetings may be called by the Executive or at the request of one third of the membership.

Executive Meetings

Meetings of the Executive shall be called by the President as he/she deems necessary or at the request of 3 members of the Executive.  Executive members shall be notified of all upcoming meetings in a timely fashion and provided an agenda to allow them to provide a proxy should the need arise.

The rules contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the WDSC in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with this constitution and by laws.

The Order of business for the AGM/ AGR shall be as follows:

  1.  Role call of the Executive.
  2.  Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous AGM/AGR.
  3.  President’s report.
  4.  Treasurer’s report.
  5.  Registrar’s report.
  6.  Other reports as required.
  7.  Unfinished business.
  8.  Amendments to the constitution and bylaws.
  9.  Election of Executive members.
  10.  New business.
  11.  Adjournment.

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Voting at Meetings

The President shall not vote on any issue brought forward at a meeting unless in the event of a tie, at which time the President shall cast his/her vote to break the tie.

Each member is entitled to one vote at the AGM.

Each Executive member is entitled to one vote during the Executive meetings and shall appoint a proxy with in the Executive when absent from a meeting.  Executive members can only accept the proxy of one additional member.  The President must be notified prior to the meeting of any proxy appointments.


Article X.   Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to the Constitution and by-laws are to be performed at the discretion of the Executive and reported on at an Annual General Meeting, or issued with a Annual General Report, or as advertised within Club communications or on the official web-site of the Club.  All proposed amendments must be forwarded in writing to the Secretary no later than 15 days prior to a scheduled Club meeting and as a minimum no later than 30 days prior to an Annual General Meeting.

The Secretary shall issue such raised amendments to the attention of the Executive, 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting for review.

All proposed amendments must receive two-thirds (2/3) of the majority vote to pass.

Article XI.   Expenses

  • All reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the WDSC Members or Executive in conducting the business of the WDSC shall be reimbursed.
  • Expense sheets must be submitted and supported, where possible, by receipt of expenditure.  The Treasurer must approve expense sheets and notification made to all the Executive of any payments made.
  • The Executive shall serve as such without renumeration and no Executive member shall directly or indirectly receive any profit from their position.

Article XII.   Harassment

  • The WDSC shall adhere to the Harassment Policy as published and approved by the O.S.A. and as administered by the L.K.D.S.A. at all times.
  • The Harassment Policy shall apply to all members of the WDSC - including all officers, directors, volunteers, convenors, game officials, coaches, assistant coaches and players.  Failure to do so will result in the removal of that person from the WDSC.
  • Harassment is defined as any comment, conduct, or gesture directed toward an individual or group of individuals which is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, malicious, degrading or offensive.  It includes, but is not limited to, sexual inappropriate behaviour.
  • The WDSC will make available to any member the harassment policy when requested

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